Reflecting as Trinitarian shaped community

As we speak about the Triune God we use human words to express who this God is within himself.  But we are trying to express the inexpressible.  So, in all our attempts to know the Triune God, we must accept that what we most know is that we do  not know the one who surpasses our knowledge.  Nevertheless, we can know the Triune One because he has revealed himself to us in his Son and Spirit.

We are now called to reflect on his revelation to know something of who he is within himself. But we always make sure that we stay focussed only on Jesus.  He is the saving love of the Triune God invading our world in dramatic action.  So we always remain focussed on Jesus as the communication of God himself.  In him we see the dynamic movement of God’s redeeming love as Father, Son and Spirit move together as One towards their redeeming goal.

We delight in this saving love together as we worship the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit. And all our devotion wells up from the living water of the Spirit in love for Abba in union with the Son. In this spirit of love and devotion, we attempt to shape a Trinitarian understanding of God and we are shaped by the Triune one as we do so. More and more we became a Trinitarian shaped community.  And in community we press forward together with a reverent and humble mind as we seek insight into the personal relations of God within himself and towards us.


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