Who he is and What he does

 Jesus is God’s unique Son.  He is, therefore, the act of God to and for humans as human. So we must be careful not to separate who Jesus is from what he does for us. For what Jesus does for us is one and the same with who he is as God’s Son.  With T. F. Torrance we hold together the person of Christ in his work and the work of Christ in his person.

God acted to create all things, but in that action he created a reality wholly distinct from himself. But in Jesus, God acts in such a way that he is himself in his act.  What he acts he is, and what he is he acts.

In his work of revealing he is himself what he does.  Only God can truly reveal God.  And Jesus is himself God’s self-revelation. Jesus speaks the truth; he does the truth; he enacts the truth ; he is the truth.  And the Spirit of truth opens up to us the heart of the true God towards us through Jesus, the truth.

In his work of reconciling he is in himself what he does.  He is God reconciling the world to himself as the one who is the reconciliation.  Reconciliation isn’t something that Jesus achieves it is someone.  He is the one in whom God and humanity are reconciled and the Spirit brings us into union with him so that we share in the reconciliation as dearly loved children.


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