Sharing in his Relationship

God’s Spirit unites us with Jesus, the Father’s Son.  Within this union, all that belongs to Jesus becomes ours, including his relationship with the Father in the Spirit.  Baxter Kruger writes,

 “The gospel is not the news that we can receive an absent Jesus into our lives.

The gospel is the shocking news that Jesus has received us into his”.

 Included in his life, we share in his relationship with the Father in the Spirit.

In union with Jesus we do not pray to the Father as isolated individuals trying hard to make contact with God high above.  We rather pray to our Father in union with his dearly loved Son by the Spirit.  As we do so we are aware that we are actually sharing in the relationship of Jesus with his Father in living union by the Spirit.  We are not trying hard to keep up our own individual relationship with the Father we are rather sharing in Jesus’ relationship.

Likewise, we do not engage in mission as isolated individuals trying hard to be effective in our own mission for God. Rather, in the presence and power of the Spirit, we share in the ongoing mission of the Son serving his Father on behalf of the world.  We do not stand as spectators looking passively at what Jesus is doing.  Nor do we move in and do all the actions ourselves.  We actually participate in what Jesus is doing.  Jesus is the main mover.  By the Spirit we get to share in what he is doing.

In all aspects of Christian living we share in the Son’s relationship with the Father by the Spirit.


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