Relational Knowing

Father and Son know each other in a unique way because they are One in a unique way.  The Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father.  Mutually indwelling one another, Father and Son know each other with love’s own way of knowing in the love of the Spirit.  Only the Father knows the Son in this way; and only the Son knows the Father in this way.  So Jesus says, “No one knows who the Son is except the Father, or who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him ” (Luke 10:22).

The Son does not reveal His Father to us as one who has some truth about God to make known.  He is the Father’s Son who came to us from the bosom of the Father.  He is, therefore, the very unveiling of God in person.  And what is revealed to us is the relating of Father and Son in the love of the Spirit.  We only know the Son as Son relating to his Father in the Spirit.  We only know the Father as Father relating to his Son in the Spirit. There is no other way to see God.

We know Father and Son not by standing back and looking at their relating as spectators.  Amazingly, we know from the inside by sharing in the relating by the Spirit.  The Spirit enables us to share in the Son’ relating to the Father so that we cry Abba Father with the Son by the Spirit of the Son within us.




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