Power we can never begin to imagine

In Jesus, the Sovereign power of God was demonstrated in human weakness  He did not remain aloof from us ordering his royal will from a distance.  He actually became one of us to work out his sovereign will within our frail human existence.

In Jesus, the Sovereign power of God was demonstrated even in dying our death.  This kind of power is entirely different from any that we can ever imagine.

  • It is power that is absolutely supreme over death for it accomplishes the actual death of death.  And yet it does so in lowly weakness submitting to death in order to destroy its power from within.
  • It is power that demolishes anything that attempts to oppose God’s purpose of fellowship with us.  And yet it does so through lowly weakness in the dark abyss of forsakenness.

Such power we can never even begin to imagine.

In Jesus, God’s kingly power now guides the world to its final destiny.  For  God has appointed Jesus as head over all things. Yes, the same Jesus who demonstrated God’s kingly power in human weakness now reigns in power as the exalted man at God’s right hand.  There he moves all things to their final destiny and he does so as the end to which all things now move.

As we await this future with expectation, he is able to do in us immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.



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