Creation’s Destiny

In the beginning, Our Father created all things though his Son (the Word) as the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters.  The three moved as One in their creative activity.

Our Father continues to work within his creation upholding it through his Son as the Spirit of God breathes life within all. There is  always Oneness in the ongoing activity between the three within creation.  Each one in his own way engages in the ongoing Creative work.  The activities of the three are not separate from each other, they rather overlap and interpenetrate one another.  All is done from the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit.

The Triune God continues to act within his creation to bring it to his intended destiny. What is creation’s destiny? Right from the start God’s creation was ruined.  We might now think that Creation’s destiny is to be restored to its original and unspoiled condition.  But the Triune Drama from creation to new creation shows us that the destiny towards which all creation is moving will be vastly different from what was first made.

Through Jesus, the new man, God will liberate the whole of his creation from disease, death, decay and deformity. And He will liberate it to be a new world full of light and life and love in communion with the Triune God.  A new world that will be the home of Father, Son and Spirit in communion with us.

And now we groan with the Spirit for the coming of that new world.


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