Holding All things Together

In the universe many diverse things move and turn and spin. And yet, amazingly, they all hold together and move as one cosmic system. How can such diverse and dynamic things hold together? Well, speaking of Jesus, the Son, Paul says,

“…in him all things hold together”.

Jesus is the “Word”  through whom God first spoke all things into existence and he is the One in whom all things now hold together.

Just one person holding all together!  And the Son who now holds all together is the very One who became flesh. That means the Son who holds all things together is not someone above and beyond creation but rather the one who has become part of his own creation. That is true unless we believe that the exalted Son is no longer human.

As the Word spoke all things into existence the Wind/Spirit of God moved over the waters bringing all to life.  The Spirit is also the breath of God that continues to breathe through all creation giving his life to all living things. Now, God our Father holds all things together in a personal way through the crucified Jesus as exalted Lord and by his Spirit.  Together, the three uphold and sustain creation beyond its own power.

Now, as God’s creatures, we live in wonder before our Father glorifying him with His Son as the breath of God breathes his life through us.



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