The “Almighty” working through frail humans

In the past I tried to grasp something of God’s power by imagining His unlimited strengthNow I see that we only learn what God’s power really is as we see it portrayed in the lowly man Jesus serving his Father under the Spirit. In his story we see the distinctive kind of power that God is, which is the very opposite of what we would ever imagine.

Consider the conception of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit came to a humble girl.  The power of the Most High conceived within her a human embryo that was God himself as human. The almighty power of God that created the entire universe was now acting within human lowliness to bring into being the One in whom the whole universe will be reconciled to God.

The child was born and grew into the man Jesus.  He was the Father’s unique Son who came into the world to serve his Father on behalf of the world.  He did so as a lowly servant in the presence and power of the Spirit.  He healed the sick, drove out demons and even raised the dead by the power of the Spirit.  He offered himself as atoning sacrifice on the cross through the eternal Spirit.  He was declared to be Son of God in power according to the Spirit by his resurrection from the dead. As ascended Lord he poured out the Spirit on his own.  Now they would know him in the Spirit and share in his mission as the Spirit enabled.

The Almighty Father’s purpose for the world continues through weak and frail humans just like us in the power of the Spirit.


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