The Delight of Inclusion

God our Father always delighted in His Son, and the Son always delighted in His Father.  The two delighted in one another in the delight of the Spirit. And the Father created us so that we might share in the delight of Father and Son in union with the Son by the Spirit. Our Father desired a beautiful creation filled with the delight of Father and Son in the Spirit.

 We humans rejected the Father’s loving intention for us, but He persisted.  He sent his Son to become one of us so that in union with the Son, by the Spirit, we might be included in the Father’s love for the Son.  And the Father delights in our inclusion loving us just as He loves His unique Son, Jesus. 

The Father’s Son desired to serve His Father in this way because he too delights in our inclusion.  For  just as the Father delights to include us in His love for the Son, the Son delights to include us in his love for the Father.  The Father’s Son always wants to share with us the same love he has ever shared with His Father.

We sometimes speak about receiving Christ into our lives.  But  the good news is that the Father’s Son receives us into his life that we might share in the delight of Father and Son in the Spirit.  With Christ we now delight in the Father’s pleasure in the Son and the Son’s pleasure in his Father as the Spirit opens their happiness to us.  And we delight in the gladness of Father and Son towards us as we participate in their love in the communion of Spirit.






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