Overflowing Fullness

Did God create us because he was lonely, unfulfilled, bored or under compulsion?  Or did God make us and all things simply because He wanted to out of the overflowing fullness of His own inner life?

Well, our God is  a triune communion of love. An eternal circle of love in which there is fullness of joy in the happy relationships of the three.  And in celebration of their shared fullness there was overflow in creating all things. For within the happy triune circle there was a free desire to create those who would be included within the contented communion of love and joy.

But humanity chose to reject this gift going the way of independence.  We wanted to live our own way apart from God.  But the triune communion did not give up on their purpose.  Together they said we love them so much that we refuse to exist without them.  We will go after them and bring them back into the fellowship that we enjoy together.

The triune One did not have to restore us.  There was no external necessity imposed on Him.  He did not restore us to rescue himself from sadness over our plight.  He did not restore us to rescue himself from some lack within himself.  No!  God restored us to communion with Himself out of his own fullness.  The fullness of love and joy within the triune Communion overflowed in coming after us to restore us to the eternal purpose of communion within the triune circle of love. It was all an expression of freedom out of fullness. 

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