Mastery or Mystery

We do not approach the knowledge of God in Christ with mere rational thinking defining, debating and disputing.  Rather, in lowliness of mind we open ourselves in wonder before the mystery of Christ.  We do not strive for mastery in our knowledge of God in Christ.

We tend to speak of knowing in terms of “grasping”. We grasp a thing when “we’ve got it.” And if we have grasped something, we take it into our possession so that we can do with it what we want.  We have gained mastery over the object of our knowing.

But we know God, not as we “grasp” him mentally, but as He encounters us personally drawing us into His own Triune life in Christ by the Spirit.   We know God, not as we make Him our property, but rather as we are transformed through love as participators in His Triune life in the Son by the Spirit. In fellowship with Father and Son in the Spirit we know not through gaining mastery over the mystery of God.  We simply gaze into the mystery as God makes Himself known though Jesus in the Spirit.

As we do so, we may articulate something of who He is, but we are always aware that we are expressing the inexpressible.  For He is more to be worshipped in sheer wonder than rationally defined and debated and disputed.  Jurgen Moltmann reminds us that we know the Triune God in wonder only as far as love and participation reach.



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