Missing the Wonder

Jesus is God become human.  He is, therefore, the mystery that we gaze into with wonder.  But do we? I think too many of us miss both the mystery and the wonder.  In what way?  Well, we may see incarnation as merely functional.  God became human to fix things.  We humans have ruined everything and the only way to fix the mess was for God himself to become human and die for us as a human. So the Incarnation is necessary in order to fix things.

Because we see God as human in this functional way we may quickly pass over the incarnation to the main event of the cross.  And so we miss the mystery and the wonder.  Should we not rather gaze on the mystery of God as human in sheer wonder?

Consider the Father’s Son, who without ceasing to be fully God, has become fully human. The  Word who was with God as God became flesh to live his divine life with us as human forevermore. All the fullness of deity dwells bodily in this man Jesus.  He is the visible image of the invisible God in human form.  All things were created by, through, and for this God-human; and in him all things hold together, so that in everything he might be pre-eminent (Col. 1: 15– 18; 2: 9).

Let us pause and simply stare at him to get just a glimpse of the mystery with wonder?

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