The Event of Love

Father, Son and Spirit live and move together in Oneness.  For each person is for the other and with the other in self-giving love. Within Himself, God is  an event of love.  Or rather, He is the event of love.

The Triune God is also the love that happens beyond Himself as he acts in the world for our sake.

  • He is the love that happens in sending the Son from the Father as Jesus by the Spirit,.
  • He is the love that happens in giving Jesus over to death for us.
  • He is the love that happens in raising Jesus from the dead into the triune life of God’s future.
  • He is the love that happens in raising us up with Jesus to share in His future.

Even now, we participate in God’s future as He gives himself to us, in the Spirit, who is God’s future within us.  Tasting God’s future, we always live in anticipation of sharing fully in His future when God himself comes among us in the new earth under a new heaven. Then he will be our God and we shall be his people in fullness. And God will be all in all.

The Triune God of Love will be all in all in His new world of Love


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