God’s “Livingness”

God is living, moving, relating triune life and love. We may say this because in the story of Jesus, God “happens” among us in dynamic relationships, full of movement and energy.  In this story, God is not an abstract, motionless “being”.  He is not a static divine unity, but a dynamic tri-unity of life and love. In Jesus, the Triune God of love happens among us in all his “livingness”!

In the Jesus’ story, we see this “livingness” from beginning to end.  As Jesus was baptised, the Father responded personally, “this is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”.  And the Spirit came on Jesus enabling him to live before the Father as the beloved servant-son.  So Jesus went on in love for the Father accomplishing the Father’s work always trusting in his Father in the enabling of the Spirit. This took him to the dark abyss of death on the cross offering himself by the Spirit to the Father he loved. And when Jesus was dead and buried, the Father vindicated him by raising him into new life through the Spirit.  Truly, the story of Jesus is a Triune “happening”.

Take a moment to gaze on the beauty of God’s “livingness” in the Jesus story.

While contemplating this beauty consider also that as we live in Jesus and he lives in us we participate in the Triune “livingness”.

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