Returning God’s Love

Reflect on the Podcast

The Triune God opens HIMSELF to us.  And in opening himself to us he shares his own life with us-the life of love in communion.  Thomas Torrance writes, “God has opened himself to us…and established an intimate two-way relation between himself and us and us and himself, making himself accessible to us and giving us entry into the inner fellowship of God’s life”

God doesn’t want the fellowship to be one way with God giving himself and us giving nothing. That would not be fellowship.  Fellowship is sharing in one another.  It is mutual.  Mutual self-giving and mutual sharing is the very nature of fellowship. So how do we get to love God back the way he wants us to? God loves us by putting his own love in us and his love within us enables us to return his love by loving him back.  What this means is that we become co-lovers of God with God.

Over the last few podcasts we have made much of God’s love.  Do you think we have made too much of his love?  Have we made his love too big?  Is it possible for us to exaggerate his love?

We return God’s love by loving him back with his own love as his Spirit puts his love within us.  That means we become co-lovers of God with God.  Do you think this is taking God’s love too far?

What do you hear the Living Word saying to you through this podcast?

What do you want to say back?

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