What the Triune God Wants

What does The Triune God want most of all?  What does He most want for us and with us?  Jesus shows us that the Triune God wants fellowship with us.  He wants to be with us; He wants us to be with him.  He wants us to belong to him: He wants to belong to us.  Furthermore, he has done everything in his Son and Spirit to bring us into fellowship within his circle of love.

Is this really what God wants for us and with us?

Maybe all this doesn’t feel true.  Or maybe it feels too good to be true?

Why might this be so?

What must you now do to actually live in this beautiful reality?

Father, we thank you that our fellowship is with you and with your Son, Jesus Christ.  We know that in this fellowship our joy is complete.  Enable us, by your Spirit, to be at home within this communion of love.


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