Near God

Reflect on the Podcast

The Triune God of grace has done everything to be near us even though we did not want to be near him.

As you consider all that God has done do you sense any reticence in God to be near us?  Is he hesitant in any way?  Do you see any reluctance in God to draw near to us and to draw us near to him?

What is drawn out of you when you see God’s constant desire to be with us even though we did not want to be with him?

We who were distant from God are now brought near.  And near in a way we could never imagine.  We have access to the Father himself through the Son and in the Spirit.  And in that access we share in the Son’s own knowing of the Father as we cry Abba Father with the Son by the Spirit of God’s Son within.

Is it really true that we have access to the Father or that we would have access if only we tried harder?

Would you say there is now no distance at all between you and God?

What do you now want to say to your Father?

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