The Face of God

Reflect on the Podcast

Too many people live before a faceless deity.  This is the  remote and removed deity who has no face so show us.

Jesus is the Face of God.  In Jesus, God himself came into our own human flesh as one of us.  And as we look at him we see the Face of God.  We don’t paint the face of God onto the faceless deity out of our own darkness. The face of God himself has turned towards us in the human face of Jesus.

Have you ever lived before a faceless deity?

Thomas Torrance writes,

“When we look into the face of Jesus Christ and see there the very face of God, we know we have not seen and cannot see God anywhere else or in another way but in him, for he is God himself become human, and there is no God except the God who has come and meets us in Jesus”.

What stands out for you in those words?

God is not one thing in himself and another thing in Jesus. He has not shown us one face in Jesus but kept his real face hidden from us. How do you react to these words?

How would our life together in community be revolutionised if we came together only to gaze on the Face of God in Jesus?


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