He Shall Glorify Me

The Spirit’s passion and purpose is to glorify Jesus within us and among us. The Spirit doesn’t show us the glory with the result that we are detached spectators staring at the glory. Spirit is within and among us and so he glorifies Jesus in such a way that we share in his glory. We can say this because the Spirit unites us personally to Jesus and Jesus to us so that we share in all that he is with us and for us.

During the Old Testament story, the shekinah glory filled God’s dwelling place. This is the shining forth of the personal presence of the Lord himself. God’s Spirit comes to us to make this shekinah glory shine forth even more fully to us in the Face of Jesus, the Father’s Son. The God who said let light shine out o darkness has shone into our hearts (by his Spirit) to give the light of the knowledge of the (shekinah) glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son. Through the Son and the Spirit the divine shekinah glory of God’s personal presence shines towards us and within us and among us. And as we contemplate this glory we are transformed into the same likeness with ever-increasing glory. In this way, we really do share in the glory.

This sharing in the glory is real, but only in part. However, as the Spirit enables us to see something of the glory, we live in sure expectation of the future glory in fullness.
For right now, the Lord who is the Spirit shows us that our lives are hidden with God in Christ and that when he appears we shall appear with him in glory

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