Communion Restored

Before the world was created, Father and Son were always together enjoying joyful communion in the Spirit. However, the Son was chosen to be God with us as one of us. And in obedience to his Father, he came among us in deep lowliness. He actually descended from his joyful communion with the Father into a world that is alienated from God. He came to bring back humanity from estrangement into communion with his Father.

Jesus accomplished his mission as the lowly servant who was obedient unto death. His obedience flowed from his deep love for the one he called Father. His life was a constant expression of worship as he offered himself freely to do the will of his Father. He came into the midst of a disordered, distorted, and divided world living faithfully towards his Father in obedience, thankfulness, praise, and adoration. His whole life was an offering of total devotion to his Father within a God-rejecting world.

All this came to its climax in his obedience unto death on the cross on which he offered himself freely as the sacrifice for sin on our behalf. This is the one who loved his Father and gave himself fully to his Father. This is the one who, in loving his Father, loved us and gave himself for us to restore communion with God. God created humans to enjoy communion with himself, and the Father’s Son came into a world in which communion was shattered to bring us back home. And now, in the Son, we share his relationship with the Father in the Spirit.

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