Open to One Another

God does not want to remain hidden within his own divine life. He is eager to show himself so that he may enjoy fellowship with us. That is what God has always wanted and what he gave himself to through Jesus, his Son.

However, we cannot see the light of God’s glory in the face of his Son. Our minds are darkened. Nevertheless, in sheer grace, God has opened himself to us personally. By his Spirit, he has shone his light into our darkened minds and opened the eyes of our hearts to see his own beauty. Jesus came into our world as the light of God showing the glory of God with a human face. Now the Spirit comes into our hearts showing the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus his Son.

Through Jesus and by his Spirit, God opens his own inner life as a triune communion of joyful love. And, by his Spirit, God also opens us to himself so that we can enjoy communion with him within his own inner circle of love. He actually gives us entry into the inner fellowship of his own life. And so, through his Son and by his Spirit, God creates an open two-way relation between himself and us. Truly, God opens himself to us and opens us to himself.

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