Total Oneness

Jesus is true God and true man in one person. This living union is dynamic. He continually expresses his total oneness with the one he calls Father in the presence and power of the Spirit. He continually expresses his total oneness with sinful humanity in the presence and power of the Spirit. He is God moving dynamically towards humanity in love. He is humanity moving dynamically towards God in love. He deliberately enters into active and living solidarity with his fellow humans to bring us back to God in himself. This why his Father sent him into the world as one of us.

Jesus’ eyes were constantly on his Father doing only what he saw his Father doing. All his works of compassion towards needy humans were done in total dependence on his Father. He continually lived in his Father as his Father lived in him. So, all his works were the works of his Father by the Spirit.

Though he lived and moved in constant oneness with his Father He also lived and moved in total oneness with his fellow humans. He gave himself to be baptised along with sinners in the Jordan to identity totally with them. He also gave himself in a baptism in blood on the cross identifying totally with us in suffering, desolation and death. And yet, he was always at rest in his Father’s love as he served his Father to gather us into his communion with the Father.

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