Grace meets Grace for Relationship

The One God exists as three Persons in relationship. This relational God created us for relationship and he comes to us as Jesus to reconcile us for relationship. As Jesus acts as one of us to bring us to his Father, he shows us his Father. And now, he actually includes us in his own relationship with his Father by his Spirit. In this way, we are fully restored as dearly loved sons and daughters who cry Abba Father with Jesus in the Spirit of adoption. So, we are drawn into a relational knowing made possible by the God who is himself a communion of joyful love.

We are not passive in all this. We are given the freedom to respond as God’s Spirit opens us to freely receive God’s love and to live into his love. We do not have to make the first move by making ourselves ready to respond. God doesn’t move towards us only when we first move towards him. The God of Grace moves towards us freely in the overflow of his love for us. And, by his Spirit, his grace also moves from within us to respond. It is our response, and yet it is a response that is a free gift of God’s Spirit in Jesus. For it is the Spirit of God alone who draws us into a relational knowing of the relational God in Jesus. We might say that Grace meets Grace for relationship.

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