Overflowing Fullness

Jesus relationship with his Father in the Spirit opens to us the God who is a fullness of joyful love. We see that God is not a still and static essence. He is rather a dynamic communion of joyful love and life. Gazing at this triune love, we see that without us and without the world God would not experience any lack of love within himself.

However, the love that God is within himself overflows towards us with dynamism and delight and desire. And the love overflows towards us seeking fellowship with us. God does not have to move towards us in this way. There is nothing lacking in God that means he really must add to his own communion. No! The circle of Triune love is a FULNESS of shared life. So God doesn’t have to move towards us seeking fellowship with us in order to be fulfilled. On the contrary, rather than lacking anything, the fellowship of Father and Son in the Spirit is so full that it simply overflows seeking to include us within the fellowship.

Dynamic, and relational movement belongs to the very being of the God who is love. He is an infinite fountain of self-giving love that moves towards us from the inner depths of who the Triune God is. And his desire is always to take us up into the inner relations of God’s own life and love. In union with Jesus by the Spirit we are gathered up to dwell with God and in God. In this, we do not become divine, but rather more authentically human in union with Jesus, the true human.

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