God Opening Himself To Us

Through Jesus, the triune God has actually opened himself to us. So as we fix our eyes on Jesus, we may know what God is like within his inner relations. All through the Jesus story, we see the three persons loving each other as the One living God. We see the dynamic interplay of Father with Son, Son with Spirit, Spirit with Father, Father and Son with Spirit, Spirit and Son with Father, Father and Spirit with Son. The God revealed through Jesus really is the living God who loves within himself.

However, we do not simply see all this as detached spectators; we actually share in the Triune communion. For through his Spirit, God brings us into union with Jesus so that his life and ours are inseparably entwined. Within this union, we share in Jesus’ communion with the Father by the Spirit. So, as T. F, Torrance says,” God has established an intimate two-way relation between himself and us and us and himself, making himself accessible to us and giving us entry into the inner fellowship of God’s life by allowing us to share in God’s own eternal Spirit”. 

So, in union with Jesus, we are drawn into fellowship with a deeply personal, indeed three-personal God. Each of the undivided three relating to us in special and distinct ways. This is at the heart of what it means to know God and to enjoy communion with Him.

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