The Meaning of our Lives

The Meaning of our Lives

As we live out our own stories here and now we want to know the meaning of it all. We discover this meaning in the climax of our stories and that is Jesus. All things, including ourselves, were created by him and for him. Even now, our lives are hidden with Christ in God. And hidden in God we share in Jesus’ communion with his Father by the Spirit. Furthermore, when Jesus appears at the end we shall appear with him in glory for our lives are bound up with his. In that moment, we shall become like him as we are totally transformed into his image.

Communion is the goal of the cosmos and our destiny in union with Jesus. And we now live in that ultimate meaning by the Spirit who is the presence of the future in us. In the Spirit, we now grow up in every way into Jesus. Moving ever deeper into Jesus we continually discover who God is for he is the human face of God. Moving ever deeper into Jesus we continually discover who we are for the meaning of our lives is bound up with who Jesus is as one of us. We so easily slip into looking at ourselves as individuals apart from Jesus and in that way lose the meaning of our lives. We are in him; he is in us. Our lives are hidden with him in God; indeed he is our life. Our ultimate destiny is Jesus and sharing the communion he enjoys with his Father in the Spirit. This is the meaning of our lives.

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