God with a human face

No one has ever seen God or can see him. So, left to ourselves we are always staring at a Nameless and Faceless Divine Being. This is the unknown God who will always be beyond our tiny minds. It is the remote, unknowable Deity who always remains locked up in his own aloofness.

Jesus is God opening himself to us through a human just like us. And so through Jesus, we see God himself with a human face. Now, God is not limited by our inability to know him. He overcomes our weaknesses by communicating himself to us in a lowly human. He has freely moved outside of himself to share in our human life enabling us to share in his own eternal Life and Love. This is the true God who will not be without us and who will not allow us to be without him. For he created us with the purpose of sharing in the Triune communion of love. And with this purpose in view, he came to us in Jesus showing us who he is and what he is like while bringing us home to himself.

The more we come to know God in this lowly way the more wonderful we know him to be. We see that he is a God who infinitely exceeds all our thoughts and words about him, but who reveals himself tenderly and intimately to us with a human face. That loving and lowly God fills us with wonder, love and praise in the Spirit.

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