Hidden with Christ in God

In Colossians 3, Paul says you have died with Christ (v3). He goes on to say that Christ is now your life (v4).

And so your life is HIDDEN with Christ in God (v3). Jesus was once visible to human eyes. His friends saw him living, dying and then ascending beyond their sight. Now Jesus, as the new man, is hidden in God enjoying the deepest union with God. And your life is hidden with Christ.  That’s where your real life is.  False teachers were telling the Colossian believers to practice rules and rituals to attain union with God above. Paul says we already have union with God.  Jesus is in God and so are we with him.

In union with Jesus, we now live with an entirely new centre. I am no longer in the centre with all things revolving around me and my needs. I now live out of a new centre with all revolving around Christ in God. This is an entirely new centre. So my mind is set on things above where Christ is in God, and where I am with him. All my attention is set on the above. I still live an earthly life below enjoying earthly things. Nevertheless, I do so from a new centre with Christ in God. From this new centre I am aware of my new identity as a new human within a new humanity in union with the new man who is always in God and I with him. All this meets my deepest needs and liberates me for a new life with Christ in God.

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