The Big Picture

In 2007 The Eagles put out a new album called “Long Road out of Eden”.  One of the tracks is “Frail Grasp on the Big Picture”.  We need to constantly hold God’s big picture before us, but our grasp is frail. Too often we lose God’s Panoramic view because we are looking at the little parts that relate to our own little lives. 

Long before anything existed Father, Son and Spirit were united in a communion of love and joy.  Within this communal life the Father had such delight in his Son that he wanted a vast family of children just  like him. This family would share in the communion of the Son with his Father in the Spirit.  And within this communal life they would be transformed into the likeness of the Son.  The Father loves the Son so much that he has a passion to see his Son in many other sons and daughters. All this will magnify and exalt the Son.  And this supremacy of the Son is the Father’s deepest passion and greatest purpose.  So it is the Father’s Son who fills God’s big picture from beginning to end.

For sure we are included in all this.  For according to the Father’s passion and purpose, his Son’s destiny is bound up with us and our destiny is bound up with his Son. For the Son was chosen before the foundation of the world to be Jesus: God with us as one of us and we with him in deepest union by the Spirit

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