Rescued for Relationship

We were created by the God who is love for love relationship within the triune circle of love. Within this circle of love we are to freely accept God’s authority over us in response to his free love. But sadly we live under the anti-God powers of this dark age alienated from the One who is love. Nevertheless, in sheer love the Father sent his Son into the world to rescue us for himself. Yes, Jesus coming is God’s invasion into the domain where evil enslaves us. He came to break the power of darkness delivering us from its captivity.

At the very start of Jesus’ ministry he clashed with the powers of darkness as he was tempted in the wilderness. In one of the temptations Jesus was offered all the kingdoms of this world and their splendour if he would just fall down worshipping the devil. He totally refused this offer pledging himself to worship only his Father serving him all the way to the cross.

Jesus faced another sever temptation in Gethsemane. The choice was real: his will or the Father’s will. The pull to choose his own way was truly powerful. Nevertheless, he chose his Father’s will – the way of the cross. There, in darkness, he would overthrow all the powers of darkness. The Father responded by raising Jesus from death as Son of God in power with all authority in heaven and earth. And we are raised with him sharing in his victory and free to live within the circle of triune love.

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