God’s Glory in our Good

In Jesus, God’s glory and our good are inseparably joined together as one. For God brings honour to his own name in the world by reaching out to save the world through Jesus. He takes up our lost and hopeless cause turning it into the greatest good for us. And in doing so magnifies his own name. He gains the victory over all the dark forces that rule over us and so brings honour to himself. The God of glory freely decided to display the splendour of who he is this way. It was his own free decision that he has now executed.

We cannot deduce this from our own ideas of God or of humanity. We can read it only from the free love of God revealed in Jesus. In him, and only in him, that which God does for Himself is also done for us. In this unique person God acts for his own honour and our good in a single movement as our God.

Now we come before God our Father as liberated children desiring to magnify his name. The Spirit of God’s Son cries Abba Father deep within us exalting the name of the one who has freed us through Jesus by his Spirit. And in the same Spirit we anticipate with Jesus our final destiny in which God will be all and all. In this way, God’s glory and our greatest good are inseparably joined together as one in our hearts.

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