The Form of a Servant

He who was in the form of God took the form of a lowly servant. As servant he was obedient even to the point of death on a cross, the lowest place of all. In moving towards us as lowly servant he did not leave behind or even diminish who and what he is. True, he becomes what he had not previously been, but it was all according to God’s eternal decision. Before the creation of the world God willed to be God as this man, Jesus. And so, when he comes among us as one of us even in our sin and suffering he is becoming the one he always wanted to be.

Even in his lowliness Jesus is one with God as the Father’s Son and equal with God. For lowliness as servant is simply his way of being God. He does not change who or what he is in giving himself to serve in humility. He simply reveals his true divinity in the world. For he is in the world what He is with his Father in the Spirit. He is in time what He is in eternity. For in him time and eternity are joined together. He is in human lowliness what he is in his majesty. For his human lowliness is his majesty and his majesty is also his human lowliness.

This is the one that the Spirit glorifies in our hearts so that we bow before him confessing him as the Lord who serves. And in the Spirit, confessing him also as the servant who is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

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