The Reconciler

Can the world reconcile itself to God? The world is at enmity with God so it cannot possibly act as its own the reconciler? The world is actually so hostile to God it does not even want to be reconciled. Nevertheless, God loves the world and wants all people to live with him in love relationship. So he came to us in Jesus as reconciler. He came even though we were undeserving. He came even though we made no promises of reform. God alone reconciles humanity to himself. It is God’s own work, and not the work of another. “In Christ GOD was reconciling the world to himself”.

Jesus, the Father’s Son makes peace between God and humanity. He does so by taking upon himself enmity of the world against God and the curse which rests upon it. He is the One who himself takes away the judgment on the world by taking it all on himself.

In order to reconcile us Jesus suffered and even became sin. Was it simply the human Jesus who suffered for us? Or is Jesus God himself suffering as human? We cannot really split Jesus at any point saying this was Jesus as human and that was Jesus as divine? He is always one person as the God-human. So Jesus suffering is truly the suffering of God. We can never understand what that actually means. All we can say is that in Jesus the unfathomable mystery of God’s suffering is an open secret? And we now survey his wondrous cross knowing that we are already reconciled to God through him, our only reconciler.

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