The Father’s Chosen One

 When considering divine election is our starting point a shadowy decree that decided the eternal destiny of individuals before human life even began?  Or do we begin with Jesus, the Father’s chosen one?

Within God’s eternal life, the Father elected his own Son to be the man in whom God is with us and for us. The Son was also chosen as the man in whom we would be with God and for God. That eternal decision became actual when God came among us as Jesus, the chosen man.

The Father’s chosen one is truly God with us and for us in love. He comes as God loving us in spite of the fact that we do not love him. He comes as God making our lot his own: taking fully to himself our flesh, our judgement, and our rejection.  This chosen one is also the new man with God and for God on our behalf.  In union with him we share in all that he is and has with his Father in the Spirit.

Our thinking on election begins with Jesus, the Father’s chosen man, and from him we look backward into the eternal will of God that is identical with who Jesus is for us and who we are for God in him.  That means our inclusion, as God’s elect, does not rest upon a shadowy decree in the eternal will of God. Our inclusion rather rests fully on Jesus, the Father’s chosen one, since we are elect only in him.


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