Lowly Judge

Jesus is God as human living among us in humility.  As the One who loves, He doesn’t want to be high and exalted far above us; he wants to live among us as one of us.  Indeed, God as human is marked by the deepest humility as he goes to the very lowest place to lift us up to the very highest place in union with himself.

The “god” that we  humans imagine is so very different.  We project a deity  that is distant from us.  One that towers above us as the unapproachable high and mighty Judge who sits in his far-off court room eager to condemn.  In contrast, the God we meet in Christ is eager to know us in love; eager to cross the infinite chasm between the Creator and the creature; eager to stoop down to us bearing condemnation in himself for us; and eager to lift us up into union with himself so that we can share in everything that he is and has.  Not the Judge high in his heavenly court room, but rather the Judge who is prepared to humble himself handing himself over to be judged for us in order to bring us into living union with himself.

Behind this vision of God stooping to enter into union with us is God as three persons in One communion of love.  If God were a solitary being then he would have had no one to love before he created.  But the Triune God has always loved within the communion of love that he is.  His desire for oneness with us flows out of his own eternal Oneness in love.


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