The Joy of God

The moment that Jesus was baptised his Father sent the Spirit to remain on him.  The Spirit who came to Jesus from the Father is the Spirit of joy in the Father.  And so there were moments when the heart of Jesus, the Father’s Son, was full of joy in his Father through the Spirit.

          “At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father,                  Lord of heaven and earth…” (Luke 10. 21-22)

Jesus is the unveiling of God as the circle of love overflowing with joy in the Spirit.

The joyful relating of Father and Son in the joy of the Spirit can only be grasped as Jesus, the living word, comes to us in living encounter as the overflow of God’s joy.  Yes, the joy of the Triune God spills over towards us as the Father’s Son encounters us through the Spirit opening up to us the joy of Triune life. In this encounter we do not simply stand at a distance observing the communion of joy we are included so that we share the Father’s joy in the Son and the Son’s joy in the Father by the Spirit.


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