Forgotten Spirit

God’s Spirit brings Christ to us and us to Christ in living encounter.  He unites us to the Father’s Son so that we participate in the Son’s relationship with his Father.  It is only by the Spirit that Father and Son become living reality to us.  So the Spirit must never be forgotten!  Nevertheless, it seems that the Spirit himself wants to be forgotten as the object of our devotion.

The Spirit wants to draw our attention to Christ as the object of our heart devotion.  Jesus said,

          “He (the Spirit) will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you”.  

The Spirit glorifies Christ before the eyes of our hearts.  He is actually Christ himself living within us as individual disciples of Christ and among us as the body of Christ.  So within his body we gaze on the glory of Christ and are transformed into his likeness with ever increasing glory.  We are The organic body of Christ that lives and moves by the Spirit of Christ.

As the Spirit of Christ, he also wants to draw our attention to the Father as the object of our heart devotion.

           “Because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying,             “Abba! Father!”

The Spirit of the Father’s Son does not draw attention to himself, but rather to Abba.  And in Abba’s presence we are aware of his Fatherly nearness to us and our dearness to him as Father.

Truly, we are not to forget the Spirit, but rather depend fully on him, but in his fullness we are full of Father and Son as the objects of our heart devotion.


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