The God Who is Free

We may feel that we are free when we choose what we want from a number of different options. God is free in an altogether different way.

The Triune God is love and he is free as he expresses who he is as love.  That means The Triune One is free as the three persons are with one another and for one another in love. For in this fellowship of self-giving love the One God is expressing who he is as love.

In the freedom of His love, God became one of us in Jesus in order to bring us back to himself in love.  We did not want to be with God.   But the Triune One is love and so  he still wanted us and refused to be God without us.  He acted in the freedom of who he is as love to become one of us in order to reconcile us to himself. He refused to relinquish us to ruin.

The Father’s Son is himself fully divine and yet he was free to become fully human.  He is free to be with God and for God as one of the Triune communion in love.  He is also free to be with us and for us as one of the human race in love.

Christ is also free in his Spirit to work within us so that we are set free for God.  Apart from his working within us we are not free for God at all.  We are turned in on ourselves pursuing only what we want for ourselves.  God is free for us in Christ, but we are not free for him.  But in the freedom of who he is as love God encounters us personally in Christ by his Spirit setting us free. Now we can be with him sharing in his communion of love.

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