Almighty in Lowly Weakness

Jesus is God as human living among us in human frailty. The Creator himself became a creature without ceasing to be the Creator.  The high and holy one stooped low without ceasing to be who He is in majesty. The mighty God reveals himself as the one who has the inconceivable power of becoming little and low in human weakness.

Having made himself lowly by becoming human the majestic and all powerful One entered into the abyss of death for our sake. In this single act of total self-giving he disarms all the forces of evil that hold humanity under oppression.  Indeed, He actually brings to an end the old age of sin and death under which all humanity was held in bondage.  This is the manifestation of divine power in which God-crucified dies our death in order to reconcile us to Himself. In human weakness God shows his Lordship over death.  For the death of Jesus was the death of death.

In weakness and suffering on the cross Jesus demonstrated God’s distinctive kind of power.  This power is so unique that we cannot describe it by comparing it to any other kind of power. In weakness, God acts mightily to destroy the powers of darkness.  In lowliness, God acts mightily to remove all evil oppression.  God Himself becomes what we are in our helpless condition in order to liberate us and reconcile us to Himself.

This is an act of astonishing divine power in which God reveals that He loves us more than we can ever say.



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