Father Almighty

We believe in God the Father Almighty.  But how do we view this Almighty Father?   I used to simply project onto God the greatest power I could imagine.  As the God who is unlimited in power He is able to do anything. But my mind was projecting onto God a kind of power that is not His power at all.  God is certainly the supreme power.  But that does not mean we have said what is most important when we declare that God is the Almighty who can do anything

I now know that I can only see the true nature of God’s power as I stay within the biblical story focussing on the decisive expression of the power of God in the death and resurrection of Christ.  According to this Triune Drama, the Father acts powerfully through His Son and by His Spirit to create, redeem and complete the world in a personal way that liberates others rather than, exploiting, controlling or forcing them. The power of God made known through Jesus by the Spirit is not abstract omnipotence but omnipotent love that reconciles, redeems and restores. And that does so even in weakness and lowliness.

 The Triune Drama has completely transformed my thinking about power in general and God’s power in particular.


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