Knowing God; Knowing Myself

The Father’s Son united himself with us by becoming human. The Spirit of the Father’s Son unites us personally to the Father’s Son so that we share in all that he is with his Father.  Without becoming divine ourselves we now share in the very life of the Triune God in the Son and by the Spirit.

The same Spirit who unites us to the Father’s Son now indwells us as the Son’s own presence deep within us.  That means we do not observe God from afar as those isolated from him.  By the Spirit we are in the Son and the Son is in us just as he is in his Father and his Father in him.  Both Father and Son make their home with us by the Spirit.

Within this living union and communion we know Who God is.  And in knowing Who God is we know who we are.  Or should I rather say we know whose we are?  For in union with Christ I come to know God as the One to whom I now belong.   I am His home; He is my home. Finding my true home in him I find myself for I now know whose I am.  And I  rest in Him as one who belongs. This is true peace and happiness

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