The True Human

In the Jesus’ story we see the true God as human in lowliness. In the same Jesus’ story we see the true human who shows what it means to be human.

Jesus is the true God with humans and for humans.  He is also the true human with God and for God.  He is the true human who  lives in trustful obedience towards His Father in the Spirit. And he lives this way in joyful thanksgiving to the Father in the Spirit.   So, looking at Jesus, we see what it means to be truly human.  He shows us that real human existence means existence in relationship to God.

We may want to define ourselves as humans in all sorts of ways, but with our eyes fixed on Jesus we  only define true human life as life towards the Father in the Spirit.  With Jesus in view, can we really understand ourselves or explain ourselves in any other way?

 Joined to this true human in the Spirit, we live as true humans towards our Father. We do so as Jesus lives his own life towards the Father in and through us by His Spirit.  Of course, we continually we fail to live towards the Father like Jesus and yet we have full assurance knowing that Jesus is the true human before the Father on our behalf.  All that Jesus is in the presence of the Father we are in union with him by the Spirit. In Jesus, the true human, we are always fully loved and accepted as those who participate in his own life with the Father.

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