A Moment in Time

     Then came, at a predetermined moment,

a moment in time and of time,

A moment not out of time, but in time, in what we call history:

transecting, bisecting the world of time,

a moment in time but not like a moment of time,

A moment in time but time was made through that moment :

for without the meaning there is no time,

and that moment of time gave the meaning.

                                                                                                  T S Eliot

That unique moment in time was Immanuel, God with us as one of us.  In this unique person, the Triune God lives and moves and acts in human history to bring humans back to himself.

The history of Jesus in that moment of time is the outworking of God’s eternal decision before time.  His free decision to let his own life unfold in this particular historical way. Before human history, God decided that he would be none other than God with us and for us in our history.  Through his own free decision God decided what kind of God he would be. And the name of that decision is Jesus Christ!

 When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son.  Consider, then, the moment in time that gives meaning to all moments in time.


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