I Am the Truth

Jesus is the true God moving towards us in deep lowliness to deal with our plight.  He is the Lord serving us in humility even unto death on a cross. We tend to invent gods that are supremely exalted far above all.  These false gods stand in contrast to the one true God revealed in Jesus as the lowly servant among us.

 Jesus is also the true man.  The true man always turned towards God in love.  The true man who lifts us up into the life of God so that we belong within the circle of triune love .  Jesus, the true God moving downwards for us to the lowest place; Jesus, the true man moving upwards for  us to the highest place.  As such, Jesus is himself the truth.  He is the truth of God Himself descending into the depths of our existence in order to make us his friends.  He is also the truth of our humanness raised up into fellowship with God.

We do not extract from the Jesus story concepts that we regard as “the truth” in themselves.  Jesus, the God-human, is the truth.  He said, “I am the way the truth and the life”. He himself is the truth and the Spirit of truth brings us into living encounter with him as the truth.  And Jesus, as the truth, sets us free.  Yes, if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.

Jesus, the truth, has set you free to live in God as your Father in the Spirit.

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