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Participating in the Triune Drama

Within Scripture, we see the unfolding of Triune Drama. However, we are not simply an audience looking at the drama as it unfolded long ago. The drama continues today where we are. And we now participate in the drama personally.

This begins for us as the Living Word speaks to us personally, by his Spirit, in and through the drama portrayed in the written word. As the Living Word speaks to us faith is born within us. This is itself drama. Your experience of it may not have felt so dramatic, but the communication that brought you to faith was dramatic. And it was part of the ongoing Triune Drama today.

But this is only the start. The Living Word goes on encountering us today, by his Spirit, in and through the drama portrayed in the written word. The encounter is itself dramatic and through it we now live within the triune drama. We participate in the ongoing dramatic action as the Living Word continually communicates with us in and though the drama portrayed in the written word. This communication isn’t merely the transmitting of information but rather God communicating himself to us. The Triune God of the drama is the communion of joyful love and he brings us into the drama for the sake of communion.  He wants to open his own communion to us so that we enjoy ongoing communion within the ongoing drama.

Triune Drama

When we watch a drama on stage or TV we meet various persons relating to one another. Within Scripture, we see the unfolding of Triune Drama. The Father moves into action reconciling and renewing all things through his Son and by his Spirit.

As we look at this drama we meet God as three persons communicating with one another as a communion of joyful love. The Father communicates with his Son out of his love for the Son. He communicates with his Son in joy and delight as they move together in mission. The Son communicates with his Father out of his love. He too communicates with his Father in joy and delight as he serves his Father in mission. And both Father and Son communicate with one another in the communication of the Spirit.

Within the drama, this Triune Communion also communicates with us. The Triune communion has a purpose that they share in together. Their purpose is to include others within the communion. They want others to share in the joyful communication within the communion of joyful love. Of course, we humans don’t want this inclusion. We wanted to go our own way. Nevertheless, the Triune communion goes on and on speaking and acting with purpose to reconcile and restore humanity to the communion of love. This purpose is all worked out in a great drama that reaches its goal in a new creation with God and humanity together in God’s new world.

The Meaning of our Lives

The Meaning of our Lives

As we live out our own stories here and now we want to know the meaning of it all. We discover this meaning in the climax of our stories and that is Jesus. All things, including ourselves, were created by him and for him. Even now, our lives are hidden with Christ in God. And hidden in God we share in Jesus’ communion with his Father by the Spirit. Furthermore, when Jesus appears at the end we shall appear with him in glory for our lives are bound up with his. In that moment, we shall become like him as we are totally transformed into his image.

Communion is the goal of the cosmos and our destiny in union with Jesus. And we now live in that ultimate meaning by the Spirit who is the presence of the future in us. In the Spirit, we now grow up in every way into Jesus. Moving ever deeper into Jesus we continually discover who God is for he is the human face of God. Moving ever deeper into Jesus we continually discover who we are for the meaning of our lives is bound up with who Jesus is as one of us. We so easily slip into looking at ourselves as individuals apart from Jesus and in that way lose the meaning of our lives. We are in him; he is in us. Our lives are hidden with him in God; indeed he is our life. Our ultimate destiny is Jesus and sharing the communion he enjoys with his Father in the Spirit. This is the meaning of our lives.


God calls on us to put our faith in Jesus, his Son. Why have we done so? Is it because we have the ability within ourselves to respond? No. We must admit that the reason for our faith lies outside ourselves. We come to faith in Jesus because Jesus comes to us. He isn’t a Jesus who once lived in the past; he is alive right now. And by the Spirit, this living Jesus comes to us meeting us where we are in our unbelief. He has stepped into our world encountering us personally in all the astonishing power of his love for us. And in response, we say “Yes!” to the living reality of Jesus.

As we come to faith, we may feel that we have grasped Jesus and so we have. Nevertheless, we have grasped him because he has grasped us. He comes to me calling me to himself. And I now see that he wants to become more real to me than I am to myself. There and then, I realise that the only proper response is an unqualified “Yes”. So my whole self becomes a single “Yes”. A free, cheerful and obedient “Yes” to the God who is love and who has come to me in love. Thus faith is not a human initiative (to which God responds) but a human response created in living encounter with Jesus by the Spirit.