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Creation’s Destiny

In the beginning, Our Father created all things though his Son (the Word) as the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters.  The three moved as One in their creative activity.

Our Father continues to work within his creation upholding it through his Son as the Spirit of God breathes life within all. There is  always Oneness in the ongoing activity between the three within creation.  Each one in his own way engages in the ongoing Creative work.  The activities of the three are not separate from each other, they rather overlap and interpenetrate one another.  All is done from the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit.

The Triune God continues to act within his creation to bring it to his intended destiny. What is creation’s destiny? Right from the start God’s creation was ruined.  We might now think that Creation’s destiny is to be restored to its original and unspoiled condition.  But the Triune Drama from creation to new creation shows us that the destiny towards which all creation is moving will be vastly different from what was first made.

Through Jesus, the new man, God will liberate the whole of his creation from disease, death, decay and deformity. And He will liberate it to be a new world full of light and life and love in communion with the Triune God.  A new world that will be the home of Father, Son and Spirit in communion with us.

And now we groan with the Spirit for the coming of that new world.


Groaning with the Spirit

Paul speaks graphically about Creation groaning for its future liberation from bondage into the freedom and glory of the children of God.  Creation yearns to share in our future liberation.  We too are groaning for that day of liberation. We are yearning deeply for our own freedom and the freedom of all creation (Romans 8).

Where does all this groaning come from?  Paul is clear that it comes from God’s Spirit.  We are groaning because the Spirit himself is groaning within us for our future liberation and of all creation.  We groan with the Spirit as he groans within us.

So the Spirit who hovered over the formless and empty earth at the start of creation is now groaning over creation in bondage to decay and ruin.  And His groaning takes place within us as we groan with the Spirit over the brokenness and bondage of all around us. The Spirit’s groaning is expressed in and through us as we pray over the ruined world with sighs too deep for words

The Father Almighty moves creation towards its destiny. And we participate in the action.  We don’t simply observe the activity of God within his creation. We participate in the struggle as weak people groaning with the Spirit for our liberation and of all things.  We do so in the sure hope that Jesus, the new man, will finally free the whole of creation by the power of the Spirit.


Holding All things Together

In the universe many diverse things move and turn and spin. And yet, amazingly, they all hold together and move as one cosmic system. How can such diverse and dynamic things hold together? Well, speaking of Jesus, the Son, Paul says,

“…in him all things hold together”.

Jesus is the “Word”  through whom God first spoke all things into existence and he is the One in whom all things now hold together.

Just one person holding all together!  And the Son who now holds all together is the very One who became flesh. That means the Son who holds all things together is not someone above and beyond creation but rather the one who has become part of his own creation. That is true unless we believe that the exalted Son is no longer human.

As the Word spoke all things into existence the Wind/Spirit of God moved over the waters bringing all to life.  The Spirit is also the breath of God that continues to breathe through all creation giving his life to all living things. Now, God our Father holds all things together in a personal way through the crucified Jesus as exalted Lord and by his Spirit.  Together, the three uphold and sustain creation beyond its own power.

Now, as God’s creatures, we live in wonder before our Father glorifying him with His Son as the breath of God breathes his life through us.



The “Almighty” working through frail humans

In the past I tried to grasp something of God’s power by imagining His unlimited strengthNow I see that we only learn what God’s power really is as we see it portrayed in the lowly man Jesus serving his Father under the Spirit. In his story we see the distinctive kind of power that God is, which is the very opposite of what we would ever imagine.

Consider the conception of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit came to a humble girl.  The power of the Most High conceived within her a human embryo that was God himself as human. The almighty power of God that created the entire universe was now acting within human lowliness to bring into being the One in whom the whole universe will be reconciled to God.

The child was born and grew into the man Jesus.  He was the Father’s unique Son who came into the world to serve his Father on behalf of the world.  He did so as a lowly servant in the presence and power of the Spirit.  He healed the sick, drove out demons and even raised the dead by the power of the Spirit.  He offered himself as atoning sacrifice on the cross through the eternal Spirit.  He was declared to be Son of God in power according to the Spirit by his resurrection from the dead. As ascended Lord he poured out the Spirit on his own.  Now they would know him in the Spirit and share in his mission as the Spirit enabled.

The Almighty Father’s purpose for the world continues through weak and frail humans just like us in the power of the Spirit.