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Triune Grace

When considering God’s Grace we may reach for a definition of grace.  Some define grace as God’s underserved favour.  This definition may be helpful, in its own way, but is it really adequate?  What we find in Scripture is not a definition of grace, but rather a Triune Drama in which the God of grace gives HIMSELF freely to us. Dramatically, God’s Grace unfolds from the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit.

In grace, the Father initiates the drama generously giving the indescribable gift of His Son.

In grace, the Son gave himself freely and fully for us.  “Though he was rich, yet for our sake he became poor, so that we through his poverty might become rich.”  This is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that we know with wonder.

In grace, the Spirit brings Christ to us personally and us to Christ personally so that we are united with Christ participating in all the riches found in Him.

It is grace, grace, grace from beginning to end.

Furthermore, in the fullness of His Grace, the Father continues to shower grace upon us through Jesus and in the Spirit. From Him, who is the fountain of grace, the fullness continually overflows giving all good to us.  For the Father gave Jesus as the indescribable gift of grace and along with him He freely gives us all things in the Spirit.

So, when considering God’s grace we don’t reach for a definition of grace.  We  rather contemplate the unfolding grace-drama as those who participate in the drama personally.


From No to Yes

When God became human, in Jesus, God Himself said YES to us.  As the man Jesus lived with God and for God he said YES to God for us. Jesus isn’t only God’s YES to us he is also our YES to God.  He is the true man who says YES to God for us.

When Jesus makes himself known personally to us as both God’s YES to us and our YES to God we say NO to him.  We reject him.  We cannot find it within ourselves to say YES to the Yes that he is. Nevertheless, in the constancy of His love, the God who sent His Son into the world also sends his Spirit into our hearts enabling us to say YES to Jesus.

God sends his Spirit as light into our darkness to light up the eyes of our hearts.  Then we can see the light of God’s grace in the face of Jesus.  This light has power to liberate us.  We are set free for God.  We do not have this freedom in ourselves.  We are in bondage to ourselves and cannot respond freely to God at all. But as the light of God shines into our hearts, by the Spirit, we are set free to say YES to Jesus as God’s  YES.

In God’s Son and by His Spirit God says His emphatic YES to us.  And in God’s Son and by His Spirit we say our YES to God. It is all YES!.


The Triune God is love.  And this love is expressed towards us as God Himself comes among us as the man Jesus.  Jesus is the God of love as a human among humans acting for humans. He is God making our lost cause his own, freely giving himself for our sake. In that action God says YES to us.

So, with our eyes fixed on Jesus, can we see any trace of  neutrality in God towards us?  No! With Jesus in view, we have to say there is no maybe or might be in God.  Nor is there a shifting Yes and No.  For when we look at Jesus, we see that He embodies the Triune God’s eternal decision to be God for us.

Jesus shows us that there has never been any neutrality towards us within the Triune God, none at all!  He has always been the God of all grace who has bound and pledged himself to be our God in Christ.  And in Jesus he gives himself freely to us as our God forever.  So, in the one man Jesus, we see that Father, Son and Spirit are for us, with one mind, one heart, one will, one purpose and one action to bring us home where we belong.

In Jesus, the Father’s Son, God says His emphatic YES to us.   Let us  not greet His YES with our “Yes, But…”  Let us rather say, “YES, YES, YES” to His “YES”!