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Fatherly Purpose

God the Father has always loved His unique Son in the Spirit. And the Father has always wanted children who would share His Son’s love relationship with Him in the Spirit.  So when the time had fully come the Father sent His own Son into the world to accomplish this Fatherly purpose.

At his Baptism Jesus stepped forward as the Father’s servant-Son.  And the Father said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” and then the Spirit came upon Jesus enabling him to serve his Father. Only as the Spirit enabled man could Jesus fulfil the Father’s purpose.  Only by serving His Father as the Spirit-anointed servant-son could he bring us into the communion of love enjoyed with His Father.   And that is just what he accomplished!

Now we share love relationship with the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit.  Now, by the Spirit, in union with the Son, we cry abba Father as we await our future inheritance as dearly loved children.  All this, according to the Fatherly purpose of God that will be fulfilled at the end of the age in God’s new world.  Then the home of God will be among us and we will find fullness of joy in him. For we shall share fully in the Son’s love relationship with the Father in the Spirit forever!



Reconciling Love

Before creation, God freely decided to be our God in Christ.  No one decided this for him.  Deep within his own Triune life He gladly chose to be God for us as one of us.  All flowed freely from the fullness of Triune love.

We have turned away rejecting His free decision to be our God. So we have proved ourselves unworthy of His decision for us.  Furthermore, in our entire history, we have demonstrated that we are unable to reconcile ourselves to God.  We cannot find our own way back to God or provide a saviour from among us. If we are to be saved from ourselves then the Saviour must be from God. No!  The Saviour must be God Himself. In free love He must reconcile us to himself.  And that is just what He has done in Jesus.  He is not a mere agent that God made use of for our salvation.  He is God Himself acting among us as one of us to bring us back home.

God also acts in love to bring to completion the reconciliation that He has accomplished in Jesus. The Father, who sent the Son, sends the Spirit of His Son in order to unite us with Jesus, by faith. Now we are in Jesus and Jesus is in us because the Spirit binds us to him in living union.  And in that living union we are brought back home to our Father so that we share in the Son’s love relationship with the Father by the Spirit.

The Humble God

We humans tend to invent our own ideas about “God”.  The “God” that we create in our minds is our own image of the supreme being exalted over all.  The all-powerful being who can do anything. The majestic judge who knows all and evaluates all.

In contrast to these human inventions, the true God has revealed Himself as lowly and humble in Jesus.  He stooped towards us by becoming a human just like us.  As a human he humbled himself by becoming the lowly servant of all who goes to the lowest place of all.  This is the  “high humility” of the one true God who is so very lowly and humble.   And this lowliness marks out our God as the true God in contrast to all false gods that we invent.

           The true God whose glory is displayed in shame.

           The true God whose power is displayed in weakness.

           The true Lord who serves as a vulnerable human.

This God moved downward opening himself to insult, abuse and rejection in order to lift us upward to share in His own Triune communion of love

May this same humble God open our eyes to who He really is so that we reject our own ideas of the “Exalted Supreme Being”.  For it is only the lowly Lord who is truly worthy of high praise!


God with us and for us as one of us

I was once told that my decision for God was all important. Now, I see that  God’s decision is primary. Even before God created, He decided to be with us and for us as one of us. And in Jesus that decision is made actual among us. For he is God with us accomplishing the eternal decision of God in the face of our decision to reject God.

Before creation God decided to be with us as the man Jesus.  And this God became human in order to carry out his own decision to be for us and with us as one of us.  This is who God always wanted to be and who He actually becomes as the man Jesus.

It is only in Jesus that we see God’s eternal decision to be with us and for us. We do not guess it.  We do not grope for it in the dark.  We find this eternal purpose in what has actually taken place in the man Jesus who serves His Father in the Spirit.  Now we cannot think of God and His purpose in any other way. We would be mistaking him, if we were to think of Him otherwise.  For He always is the One who, from before the creation, decided to be our God in Christ.  God taking human form, relating to us, acting for us, deeply concerned with us as one of us. There is no other God.


Always For Us

The Jesus story portrays the Father’s Son becoming one with us showing that He is totally for us.  He died for us.  He rose again for us. He returned to His Father for us.  Not for a moment did he show a trace of neutrality towards us.

But what if we look at God behind the Jesus story?  Was He ever neutral towards us? If we speculate about God and His eternal purpose we may come up with a detached deity, but not if we are looking through the lens of Jesus.  For he shows us who God always is towards us.  With our eyes fixed on Jesus, we see that God was never so distant from us and high above us that he was once neutral towards us.  Even before the world was made God was always for us in and through Jesus, the Father’s Son.  He is the one whom God elected to come among us as one of us showing God to be eternally for us.

Furthermore, there is no way that the God who became one of us will ever be neutral towards us.  All things were created through the God who became human.  Indeed, all things were created for this unique man, and for us in him.  When he appears, as the goal of all things, we shall appear with him in glory. So this unique One, through whom and for whom all things were created, was, is and always will be totally for us.

Gazing on Jesus, may the Spirit assure our hearts that God is always totally for us.