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I Am the Truth

Jesus is the true God moving towards us in deep lowliness to deal with our plight.  He is the Lord serving us in humility even unto death on a cross. We tend to invent gods that are supremely exalted far above all.  These false gods stand in contrast to the one true God revealed in Jesus as the lowly servant among us.

 Jesus is also the true man.  The true man always turned towards God in love.  The true man who lifts us up into the life of God so that we belong within the circle of triune love .  Jesus, the true God moving downwards for us to the lowest place; Jesus, the true man moving upwards for  us to the highest place.  As such, Jesus is himself the truth.  He is the truth of God Himself descending into the depths of our existence in order to make us his friends.  He is also the truth of our humanness raised up into fellowship with God.

We do not extract from the Jesus story concepts that we regard as “the truth” in themselves.  Jesus, the God-human, is the truth.  He said, “I am the way the truth and the life”. He himself is the truth and the Spirit of truth brings us into living encounter with him as the truth.  And Jesus, as the truth, sets us free.  Yes, if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.

Jesus, the truth, has set you free to live in God as your Father in the Spirit.

Always With God

Jesus is God with us setting us free from the power of sin and death.  In him the power of sin is undone.  His death is the death of death forever. Yes, Jesus, the Father’s Son, is God with us making our cause his own.  He is God with us overcoming the powers that ruin us.

Jesus is also man with God.  He is the one man who represents the many with God. As Man with God he rises to new life and is exalted to the Father’s right hand.  And he lifts us up with him to share in his life with God.  We are lifted up out of our existence in sin and death into the new life of the risen Christ so that we are now hidden with Christ in God.  In this way we share in the life of the Triune God, through Christ, who is man with God for us.

God is always with us in Christ and we are always with Christ in God.

The Event of Love

Father, Son and Spirit live and move together in Oneness.  For each person is for the other and with the other in self-giving love. Within Himself, God is  an event of love.  Or rather, He is the event of love.

The Triune God is also the love that happens beyond Himself as he acts in the world for our sake.

  • He is the love that happens in sending the Son from the Father as Jesus by the Spirit,.
  • He is the love that happens in giving Jesus over to death for us.
  • He is the love that happens in raising Jesus from the dead into the triune life of God’s future.
  • He is the love that happens in raising us up with Jesus to share in His future.

Even now, we participate in God’s future as He gives himself to us, in the Spirit, who is God’s future within us.  Tasting God’s future, we always live in anticipation of sharing fully in His future when God himself comes among us in the new earth under a new heaven. Then he will be our God and we shall be his people in fullness. And God will be all in all.

The Triune God of Love will be all in all in His new world of Love


God’s “Livingness”

God is living, moving, relating triune life and love. We may say this because in the story of Jesus, God “happens” among us in dynamic relationships, full of movement and energy.  In this story, God is not an abstract, motionless “being”.  He is not a static divine unity, but a dynamic tri-unity of life and love. In Jesus, the Triune God of love happens among us in all his “livingness”!

In the Jesus’ story, we see this “livingness” from beginning to end.  As Jesus was baptised, the Father responded personally, “this is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”.  And the Spirit came on Jesus enabling him to live before the Father as the beloved servant-son.  So Jesus went on in love for the Father accomplishing the Father’s work always trusting in his Father in the enabling of the Spirit. This took him to the dark abyss of death on the cross offering himself by the Spirit to the Father he loved. And when Jesus was dead and buried, the Father vindicated him by raising him into new life through the Spirit.  Truly, the story of Jesus is a Triune “happening”.

Take a moment to gaze on the beauty of God’s “livingness” in the Jesus story.

While contemplating this beauty consider also that as we live in Jesus and he lives in us we participate in the Triune “livingness”.

The servant-son


Jesus was a lowly man who enjoyed a unique relationship with the God of Israel. He called this God “Father,” and he understood himself as the Father’s servant-son.  His entire life was an expression of faithful service to his Father ending in his obedience unto death on the cross.

As the Father’s servant-son, the Spirit came to Jesus, from the Father, and remained on him leading and empowering him to live and die in willing obedience to his Father.

Jesus served his Father in the presence and power of the Spirit and he now continues to serve his Father in and through us in the presence and power of the same Spirit.

God Happening Among US

God reveals himself uniquely in the event of Jesus. He is the Father’s Son serving in the power of the Spirit. The Father’s Son laying down his life, in the Spirit, according to the will of His Father. The beloved one raised by the Spirit of His Father and so declared Son of God in power.  We might say that in Jesus the Triune God happens among us.  God is who he really is in this happening as God with us and for us.

With Jesus in full view, we do not have an abstract and static concept of divine being. We rather have a dynamic view of who God is in the happening of Immanuel, God with us. God has come among us to be with us as human.  He has come to take us back to himself where we belong according to his own purpose.  Doing so, not be sending some agent to do what he wants, but by coming himself in lowliness.  This is who God is.  God with us as he really is in this event.

In the Jesus story, God happens among us as Father, Son and Spirit in a dynamic communion of love.