God Happening Among US

God reveals himself uniquely in the event of Jesus. He is the Father’s Son serving in the power of the Spirit. The Father’s Son laying down his life, in the Spirit, according to the will of His Father. The beloved one raised by the Spirit of His Father and so declared Son of God in power.  We might say that in Jesus the Triune God happens among us.  God is who he really is in this happening as God with us and for us.

With Jesus in full view, we do not have an abstract and static concept of divine being. We rather have a dynamic view of who God is in the happening of Immanuel, God with us. God has come among us to be with us as human.  He has come to take us back to himself where we belong according to his own purpose.  Doing so, not be sending some agent to do what he wants, but by coming himself in lowliness.  This is who God is.  God with us as he really is in this event.

In the Jesus story, God happens among us as Father, Son and Spirit in a dynamic communion of love.

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